Frederica Nature Reserve 

Frederica Nature Reserve 

Frederica Nature Reserve Mauritius is a 2500 Ha of natural reserve situated in the south-west of Mauritius.

Created in 1765, the estate pays tribute to the past & present where nature and the splendid serenity combines beautifully to be hailed as one of Mauritius most beautiful tourist destination to date.

The estate, a part of the property owned by Bel Ombre offers adventures, tour guided trips, deer parks, waterfalls as well as unspoiled nature surroundings that can be explored by using quad bike, 4×4 discovery circuit, hiking and mini-quad for children.

While Java deers gracefully parade in vast lower plains, the upper wetlands shelter a great number of rare plants and birds. Some fortunate guests may even catch sight of the Mauritian bulbul or the Echo Parakeet, saved in extremis from the brink of extinction by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

One of the objectives of the Frederica Nature Reserve is to preserve and promote Mauritius’ unique biodiversity. Therefore, together with the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, the team has spearheaded numerous conservation projects to protect its fragile ecosystem.